COVID-19 Patient Safety


Our staff are always mindful of their obligations to protect the safety of patients attending our service, including vulnerable patients such as the elderly, or the immunocompromised. 

We greatly appreciate the support and understanding of our valued patients, their families and the Adelaide community during this challenging time. There is a great deal of work and planning happening behind the scenes, outside of general clinic hours to continue to support everyone. 
Our policies are constantly being reviewed in line with the best available guidelines. We will continue to update our community throughout the coming weeks.

If you have COVID-19 Symptoms


If you are a patient of PIM and you are concerned you might have been exposed to or have contracted the Coronavirus, or you feel unwell with a fever, sore throat or cough, please DO NOT attend the clinic in person. Stay self-isolated at home and phone our reception team instead so we can arrange alternative options for you. 
If you are very unwell, or have breathing difficulties, DO NOT wait to see a doctor, call “000” immediately.
If you don’t need emergency care but wish to have more information, you can call the National Coronavirus Help Line on 1800 020 080.
If you are not unwell but are concerned about leaving home and coming to the clinic for your appointment, we may be able to conduct your consultation on the telephone.
Call us on 8379 1124 to find out more about phone consultations.

Attending the Clinic


Our staff will provide hand sanitiser for you to use on arrival. We are screening all arrivals with a contactless thermometer. Any patients who have a fever will be required to return home for isolation.
Please use contactless payment options (eg payWave) where possible to limit cross contamination. Our point-of-sale terminal is disinfected after each use.
To reduce the risk to patients and staff, we ask that family and friends DO NOT accompany you to your appointment. Only patients with appointments will be allowed to remain on the premises.


Injectable Nutrient Therapies

For patients who are attending the clinic for injectable nutrient therapy, be advised that our experienced team applies the highest standards of infection control, to protect both staff and patient safety. This includes:
Frequent disinfectant cleaning of chairs, surfaces, desks, and door handles by our staff, and increased frequency of thorough professional cleaning services after hours
Hand disinfectant facilities for patients to be used upon arrival
Personal protective equipment utilised by clinical staff during procedures
Optimisation of waiting and procedure areas in accordance with social distancing guidelines


Supplement Dispensary


Some of our high-grade, practitioner-only supplements have been affected by supply-side delays. We are working with multiple suppliers to remain well stocked with immune supportive nutrients, however we appreciate patients' understanding if there are delays. 
As a general rule we have had to implement "one unit per person" rules for dispensing most supplements.

Integrative medicine is a patient-centred approach to medical practice that sees healthy vitality as a positive goal, rather than simply the absence of disease.

Instead of focusing on the disease, or isolated symptoms, integrative medicine shifts that focus to you, the patient, considering how your personal history, lifestyle and genetic factors can affect and influence your long-term wellbeing.

Practitioners of integrative medicine look beyond the immediate symptoms, seeking to understand the origins of complex, chronic disease. When the root causes are identified, prevention and treatment strategies can be devised. 

Our health care system is oriented towards acute care – diagnosing and treating injuries and illnesses in need of immediate attention over a short time.

The number of people suffering from complex, chronic conditions – such as diabetes, heart disease, cancer, mental illness, autoimmune disorders – has increased. 

Physicians in the growing field of integrative medicine seek to assess the underlying factors in long-term and complex medical conditions. This offers you, the patient, greater knowledge and choice in the decisions that affect you most.

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