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MILK – should you drink it?

Dairy milk is an important part of a balanced diet – or is it?

There is little evidence that consuming dairy foods is necessary – or even helpful – for bone health. A new study in the New England Journal of Medicine examined more than 100 studies relating to milk consumption, with some surprising results.

Countries with the highest milk intake, such as Sweden, have a higher rate of hip fractures than countries like China, with the lowest rates of milk drinking. And while children who drink more milk grow taller, their risk of fractures as the age actually increases – due to their height, falls can cause more damage to their bones.

As for reduced-fat vs full-fat milk, while the Australian government’s dietary guidelines recommend reduced-fat variants, research shows that full-fat milk offers lower risk for obesity and is associated with less weight gain than the low-fat alternatives, possibly because the full-fat milk makes you feel more full and less likely to seek out further snacks.

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