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Patient Care at PIM

​Our goal is to empower and support patient health, energy and vitality.

Our focus is on identifying the deeper health needs and causes behind difficult illnesses to reach the underlying problems.

We offer a unique, value-focused and disciplined approach.

We aim to:

  • Support rapid improvements in patient health outcomes using a structured programme that encompasses a wide array of functional tests and therapies

  • Provide an assessment and corrective care stream with specific goals 

  • Help patients find health as quickly as possible, so they will feel confident about recommending our services to their friends and colleagues.

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Diagnostic and Corrective Care

This diagram shows how a typical patient will experience medical treatment at our clinic.


Click on the image to enlarge it.


Our approach to medicine is governed by two simple rules:

Rule 1: Give the body what it needs to function optimally.

  • Respect the situation in which the body has an increased requirement for a certain resource.

  • For example, a person who is bleeding will need more iron than someone who is not.

Rule 2: Remove from the body the influences that are stopping it from working optimally.

  • For example, the things that are actually preventing someone from utilising the nutritional resources that would otherwise allow it to heal or function.

  • This includes toxicities such as environmental pollutants or heavy metals 

We want to hear about YOU

      ... your goals, priorities, battles, successes, frustrations and needs. 


What hasn’t worked in the past? What helped initially then stopped working? We will listen carefully to the story you share, asking focused questions to clarify important aspects of your health


We aim to help put the pieces of the puzzle together


Today’s health care system is fragmented with practitioners often only focussing on one problem at a time.


We want to see the BIG PICTURE of your life – bring in any previous test results, investigations – we want to see what is going on in every body system.


We appreciate that the body functions as a whole – not in isolated compartments! Many long-standing and difficult illnesses may have overlapping and contributing factors.


We want to help you find the underlying causes of disease

      ... not just treat the symptoms.

We ask – why is the blood pressure high? Why is the body resisting the activity of insulin? Are hormone imbalances preventing you from losing weight despite slaving over the treadmill and eating nothing but lettuce? Why is your brain needing chemicals to support its functions and what might it be missing to help it naturally generate neurotransmitters? Why is your iron low despite eating steak 3 times per week? Why does your gut hurt despite having a normal colonoscopy?


These questions can have answers and the results might change your life. We are not going to ‘re-invent the wheel” and just prescribe the same drugs and tests you have already tried.


Knowledge is power!


We want to teach you about your body and how it works. If we succeed you won’t need to see doctors as often.


We believe there is an answer to your questions


There may be a real measurable reason why these things are happening. This doesn’t mean we can always find the answers, but we certainly don’t want a belief that “the cause is unknown” to prevent us from trying. Often underlying causes of chronic symptoms can be identified and corrected over time.


Prevention is better than treatment


We see many patients who feel healthy and want to STAY healthy.


Many patients have family history of illness or some patients just want to sustain peak performance.

There are new diagnostic tests that can help to stack the odds in a patient’s favour, by informing us of modifiable risk factors. This also applies to pre-conception planning.

A large proportion of our patients come to our clinic through word-of-mouth referrals from family and friends. People trust us with those they care about.

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