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About Our Clinic

Our spacious and modern clinic is at 380 Goodwood Road, Cumberland Park.

We have ample off-street parking – just enter the private driveway next to the adjacent National Pharmacies builiding.


The clinic is accessible by wheelchair from the front and rear of the building.

Inside, our clinic features the IV Clinic, private consulting rooms and a light-filled waiting lounge where we offer a variety of recent popular magazines and spring water for your refreshment. 

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Welcome to Professional Integrative Medicine

  • Our oldest patients are in their 90s and our youngest haven’t been born

  • We have a skilled team of experienced practitioners

  • We are capable of providing a diverse range of medical and complementary therapies

  • We actively encourage attitudes of respect, professionalism and lively communication

  • Our staff are provided with the highest quality professional development

  • We promote evidence-based complementary, nutritional and environmental medicine

  • Our aim is to provide the highest quality service

Our staff are well versed in

  • Infection-control standards and procedures

  • Intravenous device management

  • Care for immunocompromised patients

  • Injectable nutrient techniques

  • Chelation therapy protocols and safety

  • The latest evidence in nutritional medicine research

Our goal is to empower and support patient health, energy and vitality.

The purpose of integrative medicine is to combine conventional and complementary treatments to achieve an individualised plan to support wellness in our patients, through listening, teaching, and respecting their unique needs and beliefs.

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  • Our environment presents unique health challenges

  • We recognise that being ‘normal’ is not the same as being optimal

  • We aim to identify and treat the underlying causes of illness

  • Give the body what it genuinely needs to function optimally

  • There is no patient who doesn’t benefit from good nutrition

  • In Australia today 50% of people die due to cardiovascular disease, and 33% die due to cancer

  • There is compelling evidence that both of these conditions (and many others) are substantially influenced by our dietary choices

  • Our genes themselves are activated or deactivated in response to a complex interplay between our nutrition and metabolism

  • The goal is happier and healthier Australians

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