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Genetic Testing and Counselling

Your genetics play a fundamental role in your health and wellbeing. At PIM, we offer a comprehensive gene testing service, including a review of results, counselling and advice on how to understand the results and optimise your health plan to suit your specific genetics.

Genes require nutrients to function. Changing what you eat or adding supplements to your diet can help overcome or reduce many health problems.

Biochemistry gene testing analyses your genome, covering an extensive list of genes that are known to impact health and wellbeing. It includes the MTHFR gene and other related methylation genes which govern brain chemistry, hormone regulation, histamine metabolism and cardiovascular risks.

The test results provide insights into a wide range of factors, such as digestion, energy, hormones, stress and cognitive performance, inflammation and longevity, athletic performance, DNA protection and repair, and detoxification.

It’s a valuable tool in understanding what influences your personal health and wellbeing.


How it works...

We supply a test kit that involves a simple cheek swab that you can do in your own home.

The sample is then sent to a lab for biochemical genetic testing.

You will receive a 100-page report summarising your genetic strengths and areas where you may benefit from supplements or other actions.

We book a follow-up appointment to discuss your results and determine if any dietary intervention or supplementation may be of benefit to you.


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