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Nutritional Consultations

Evidence-based medicine strongly supports a multidisciplinary approach to complex disease management.


Dr Hall works collaboratively with Nutritional Consultant Dr Nikole Grbin and can assist with detailed strategies and outcomes in inflammatory disease states.


Most of the time there is a direct relationship with food, gastrointestinal health, and systemic disease. 

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For many patients, an initial consultation with Dr Hall may be followed by a nutritional consultation referral with Dr Grbin, who fully understands the roles of digestion, absorption, interactions between food and the microbiome, immune regulation and intolerances – and their relationship to inflammatory conditions


The nutrition consultations take up to an hour and are an integral part of the recovery strategy. Consultations can include:

  • interpretation of test results within a functional medicine framework

  • practical support to overcome the everyday challenges of negotiating restaurants, supermarkets and travelling with food intolerances 

  • shopping and meal planning advice

  • family strategies including parents/children

  • what to do if things go wrong

  • answering specific questions and clarifying mechanisms

  • a customised 7-day meal-by-meal plan to support your health goals

Meal plans are developed to suit the specific medical requirements of every patient, also taking personal preferences into account.

Each PIM meal plan covers breakfast, lunch and dinner for a 7-day period, providing variety and flavour along with optimal nutritional benefit. You don’t miss out on snacks either – the plan allows for two between-meal snacks each day.

Each recipe includes ingredients and preparation method instructions, and many offer options such as serving suggestions, variations to enhance flavour or alter the levels of particular nutrients, or effective substitutions in case you run out of a particular ingredient.

Each 7-day meal plan also includes a comprehensive shopping list that covers all of the ingredients used during the week, to make the plan easy to follow.

For many people, making changes to their diet can be challenging. PIM's meal plans overcome many of the difficulties people face, outlining a diverse and flavoursome menu that is easy to prepare and follow

Dr Nikole Grbin

PIM recipe image.png

An example of a PIM 7-day meal plan

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