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Zinc and COVID-19 – intervention and prevention.

A new paper published in the British Medical Journal concludes the zinc is a critical factor for antiviral immunity and that zinc supplementation for high risk groups should be considered.

The paper looks at previous studies on zinc and antiviral immunity and finds there is abundant evidence that zinc depletion compromises immune function.

It also notes that high risk groups for COVID-19 – including the elderly, obese individuals and patients with diabetes, among others – are also high risk groups for zinc deficiency.

Other patients at risk of zinc deficiency are those using common hypertension medicines and statins.

The paper, authored by JP Mossink from the Lyme Centre in the Netherlands, suggests that zinc may play a role in prevention and as a treatment for COVID-19 and concludes that large scale studies into micronutrients and antiviral immunity are urgently required.

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