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The Medical Board of Australia is planning drastic changes that limit the way integrative medicine can be practiced in this country.

The Board has issued a consultation paper with the aim of restricting the range and type of treatments that can be offered – your freedom of choice is at stake.

The Medical Board aims to define ‘good medical practice’ in a way that restricts doctors to mainstream, conventional treatments. This will severely restrict our ability to consider emerging treatments and evidence-based therapies, especially for complex and chronic conditions.

The discussion paper is deeply flawed. Medical practice in Australia is already highly regulated and placing extra restrictions on doctors – based on poorly defined characterisations – does not serve the needs of patients.

If you value your freedom to choose the best health care options available for you, it is vital that the Medical Board understands the effects of their proposed regulations on patients like you. We can achieve this by making submissions outlining the value of integrative medicine and demanding genuine consultation in good faith.

To make a submission, simply go to – here you will find resources to help you:

• Make a submission

• Share this information with family, friends and colleagues

• Lobby politicians to ensure fairness prevails

Making a submission is quick and easy. It will help ensure your continued freedom to seek and choose the most effective medical therapies for you and your family.

One of the options that the proposal considers is:

OPTION ONE – Retain the status quo of providing general guidance about the Board’s expectations of medical practitioners who provide complementary and unconventional medicine and emerging treatments via the Board’s approved code of conduct.

Please tell the Medical Board that you want OPTION ONE to be selected.

IMPORTANT: In your submission, do not mention the names of any doctors or clinics, or any treatments you have received.

Most importantly – SHARE. This kind of restrictive censorship will not flourish in the light of day. The Medical Board of Australia is relying on this discussion paper remaining unknown by the general public, to push through changes that will affect you and the broader community. Once the issue is in the public eye, the Board will be forced to genuinely consider the needs of the community.

We only have until June 12 to make submissions. Please don’t delay. Act now – your future health choices depend on it.


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