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Vitamin delivery methods

Do you have a “touchy tummy” and find that taking vitamins in tablet form can give you an upset stomach?Have you thought about trying Injectable Nutrient Therapy instead?The Injectable method bypasses the digestive system, allowing delivery of greater quantities of vitamins and valuable nutrients. The method promotes maximal absorption and eliminates the possibility of orally administered vitamins being inactivated in the digestive system. Some people’s digestive system simply doesn’t absorb nutrients well which means you might not be receiving the full benefit of the vitamins or worse still, you might experience unwanted gastrointestinal side effects.Injectable nutrients may be indicated with a specific issue with absorption or deficiencies due to increased demand (e.g. inflammation, autoimmune disease, alcohol etc).If you’re interested and think you might benefit from IV Therapy, we can arrange a consultation to better inform you of potential options..Vitamins should not replace a balanced diet.

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