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Vitamin C and COVID-19 – some good news

A group of British and New Zealand researchers have conducted a review into the scientific evidence supporting the use of vitamin C in critical COVID-19 patients and found encouraging results.

The researchers looked at 12 published trials and found that vitamin C may be a helpful intervention in severe cases of COVID-19.

Crucially, they found no adverse events were reported from any of the trials, adding to the evidence that vitamin C is safe at high doses.

The evidence examined by the group suggests that intravenous vitamin C may improve patients’ oxygen levels, reduce inflammation, decrease the time spent in hospital and reduce mortality from the infection.

High doses of oral vitamin C also appear to improve the rate of recovery in less severe cases.

Further studies are ongoing and could provide further evidence that vitamin C is a useful tool in the treatment of COVID-19.

Click below to read the research paper in full.

Vit C and COVID life-11-01166
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