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Probiotics reduce crying time in infants with colic.

Good news for parents – researchers have found that probiotic treatment with a form of Lactobacillus helps reduce the symptoms of colic.

Babies with colic were given Lactobacillus rhamnosus and their breast-feeding mothers avoided cow’s milk in their diet for 28 days. The treatment reduced crying time and levels of faecal calprotectin, which indicates mucosal inflammation and can be used as a marker for inflammatory bowel disease.

It is believed that colic is a result of impairments in the baby’s gut microbiota, with subsequent gut inflammation.

Supplementing with the probiotic has also been reported to induce tolerance in infants with a suspected allergy to cow’s milk.

There is still much more to learn about our microbiome, and this research is another encouraging step.

At Professional Integrative Medicine we have a particular interest in the gut microbiome and how it, in conjunction with diet, influences our overall health and wellbeing. Contact us to find out more.

You can read the full research paper here.

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