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Mediterranean diet linked to lower mortality in over-65s

A study from the University of Barcelona has found that people over 65 who adhere to the Mediterranean diet have a lower risk of dying.

The researchers used data from the InCHIANTI project, a 20-year dietary study in the Tuscany region of Italy that involved 642 participants aged 65 or more.

Unlike many dietary studies that rely solely on questionnaires to determine dietary habits, the researchers looked at dietary biomarkers in urine and blood to assess the level of adherence to the Mediterranean diet.

The study showed that adherence to the Mediterranean diet as measured using biomarkers is inversely associated with the risk of mortality.

Interestingly, the researchers found that using biomarkers to assess dietary habits showed a significant link with the reduced risk of mortality, where reliance on questionnaires did not.

The study suggests that the use of biomarkers in dietary research could lead to a better understanding of the links between diet and health.

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