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Low carb diets – beyond the media myths

Diet advice can be so confusing. Low fat, low carb, low sugar – there is a lot of conflicting advice. Sometimes “commonsense” advice like consuming fewer calories can be misleading, as this article suggests.

A theory known as the Carbohydrate Insulin Model (CIM) suggests that high-glycemic-load carbs like refined grains, potato products and sugars raise insulin levels. This sends your body into fat storage mode, putting the calories you consume into fat cells and not leaving enough for you – you put on weight but you still feel hungry! Then, when you eat less, your metabolism slows down, making it hard to shed any weight at all.

These foods have become much more prevalent since low-fat diets first appeared 40 years ago, which coincides with increasing levels of obesity in our society.

The CIM theory is supported by this year-long study, showing the changes in metabolism prompted by different diets and concluding that the low-carb diet has the greatest potential for long-term weight loss.

If you have concerns about your diet and nutrition, you can talk to Dr Timothy Hall. You don’t need a referral from a GP, just call 8379 1124 today.


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