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Losing weight can help migraine sufferers

For people who are obese and suffer migraines, losing weight can dramatically improve quality of life, according to researchers from Italy and the USA.

The researchers found that weight loss resulted in fewer migraine headaches, as well as a reduction in severity of pain and the duration of each migraine.

The researchers looked at 473 patients in a number of previous studies to see if weight loss from surgery or behavioural change had any impact on migraines. They found that weight loss was linked with significant reductions in headache frequency, pain intensity and duration.

The degree of obesity and amount of weight loss did not affect the results, and it also did not make a difference whether the weight loss was from bariatric surgery or changes in lifestyle. The improvements were noted in children and adults.

Achieving a healthy body weight has multiple positive effects on our health, and this new research adds to our understanding of the effects of obesity.

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