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Gut Microbiome and Thyroid Disease

Chinese researchers have shown a link between Autoimmune Thyroid Disease (AITD) and altered gut microbiomes in a systematic review and analysis of previous studies into AITD.

AITDs are the most common autoimmune conditions, with Hashimoto’s Disease and Graves’ Disease being the main types of AITD. Although the clinical manifestations of the two diseases are different, they share similar immune-mediated mechanisms of disease.

The researchers looked at previous studies involving 196 patients with AITD and 160 age-matched healthy control patients.

They found that both the diversity and abundance of certain gut microbes were changed in patients with AITD.

The microflora richness was increased in the Hashimoto’s thyroiditis group compared to controls, while it was decreased in the Graves’ disease group

Some beneficial bacteria were decreased in the AITD group, while levels of harmful bacteria were significantly increased compared with the controls.

The researchers concluded that their study indicates an association between AITD and alteration of microbiota composition at the family, genus, and species levels.

At PIM we have a particular interest in the microbiome and its impacts on our health and wellbeing. We offer microbiome mapping and consultations for people who have concerns about their thyroid health.

Click here to read the complete research paper.

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